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What do you know?

“Who are you to be spouting all of these ideas?” “What do you really know about this?” “You’re not an expert.” “There’s nothing new here.” “Who cares what you think, really?” And on and on. No, that’s not what your … Continue reading

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Not transactional

Of course no one says that they have a transactional approach to fundraising. How could you admit to such a thing? But to get beyond transactions means that donors are not numbers to you. It means that after people give … Continue reading

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Your chance to shape a sector

Kevin Starr, who among other things runs the Mulago Foundation, penned a provocative, must-read series of posts on Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “The Problem with Impact investing (Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3). He leads off his last … Continue reading

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One great moment in a 24 hour delay

I’d love to chalk it up to bad luck – I continually have things go wildly wrong most of the times that I fly Delta. Here’s what happened this time: for an 8:30pm flight to Accra, Ghana, we dutifully boarded … Continue reading

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Note to left-brainers

It’s not helpful, ever, when asked for your input to list three or 10 or 20 things that need to be fixed without mentioning a single thing that is great. I say this with humility as this isn’t a strength … Continue reading

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Systems and caring

Do you have a system in place that helps you let your customers (donors) let you know that you care? What I see more often is that people either: Care about customers (donors) but don’t have a system Have a … Continue reading

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Autreat signal badges

I was thinking some more about how often we miss the opportunity to help the people we bring together connect with each other.  Then I heard about Autreat, a a conference run by and for people with autism.  As one … Continue reading

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