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The glimpse

The thing that gets people over the line isn’t how persuasive your argument is.  It’s certainly not because they see a big need in the world. The thing that gets them over the line is passion.  Ultimately their passion, but … Continue reading

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In the know

There’s nothing better than turning your customers into insiders.  One way is to give them the sense that they’re in the know and they are sharing in a  special secret, even if it’s small and even if it’s only sort … Continue reading

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My friend Tom Fisburne’s great cartoon about TV remote controls reminded me of this. Imagine how much you could accomplish if you decided up front all the things you absolutely won’t do – the compromises you refuse to make, no … Continue reading

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Above and beyond

No one’s going to tell you that now’s the moment.  

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You, online

Guess which online information about you affects peoples’ opinion of you? Everything. Every last photo that pops up (sure, on your Facebook page, but also your Twitter feed and even the picture of you on Skype).  Each snippet is a … Continue reading

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More than a dollar

It’s a myth that money is fungible. Ok, not really.  Money itself is, strictly speaking, fungible, but that doesn’t mean all money is equal.  Who it comes from speaks volumes about your organization, its worldview, and what you stand for. … Continue reading

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Full and hopeful conviction

One of the great nuggets – that I’d otherwise have lost had it not been for the visual notes I took – from the Adaptive Leadership piece in HBR that I talked about yesterday is about how to run experiments … Continue reading

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