Save it for another day

A good friend told me a beautiful story recently.  She was at a 7-11 and got to the register only to be told that the guy in front of her had paid for her food and her coffee.  Apparently the guy who paid was a regular, a trucker, and he did this from time to time.

It made my friend’s morning, and she immediately offered to pay for the next person on line, to keep paying it forward.

The cashier asked her not to do it.

Better, the cashier said, to do it somewhere else on another day.  Because she, the cashier, had already gotten to experience the joy of being part of an act of kindness.  She had had the chance to deliver the message of the gift given to my friend.  Her day was already a fabulous, exceptional day.

Instead, let someone else (another cashier or waiter or just about anyone) somewhere else experience that same joy on another day.


4 thoughts on “Save it for another day

  1. Another example of excellent customer service. | Run4joy59's Blog

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