Tactics, tactics, tactics

“Tell me which lines to draw, which numbers to paint, which tool to use, which step comes next!”

“Help me find all the small places I can adjust, without changing me.”

No, no.

Changing you intentions, changing your mental model, these are the things that alter how you process information, the opportunities you see, your orientation to new people and new information.

The tools are just tools, and alone they have no leverage.

The hard bit is that you have to be willing to do the work.  The exciting piece is that when you do, it changes everything.

2 thoughts on “Tactics, tactics, tactics

  1. A favorite story on the topic of changing oneself, tactics, etc: In the Sixties, the Pacifist minister A.J. Muste stood vigil in front of the White House night after long night, holding a single candle to protest the War in Vietnam – what the Vietnamese call the American War. One night a journalist pointed out that holding a candle was unlikely to change the government and its policies. Muste replied, “Oh, you don’t understand. I’m not holding a vigil to change the government. I’m holding a vigil to make sure the government doesn’t change me.”

  2. “Tactics, tactics, tactics” ← Humanomics

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