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What I Learned About Generosity From the Eight Foot Bride

I still remember the feeling I had watching Amanda Palmer’s mezmorizing TED talk, as she described the gentle, intimate moment of handing a flower to a stranger while dressed as a silent, 8-foot bride, busking in Harvard Square. If that … Continue reading

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Walking the path

I recently had the chance to have dinner with a small group of amazing nonprofit leaders. Our host gave us all a gift by asking us to start the meal by going around the table and each sharing why we … Continue reading

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The pavement on the cross-streets between 9th and 7th avenues between 14th and 23rd streets have been stripped for the past month. The first step here is milling, which takes off the top layer of asphalt in preparation for repaving, … Continue reading

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Try this one day. After an event where you’ve talked to a lot of interesting folks, sit down and write an individualized follow up note to everyone with whom you had a substantive conversation. It can be short. It just … Continue reading

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When you are stuck

Go slower, to give yourself a breather. Or go faster, because this will push your focus and intensity. Just change speeds. By changing speeds you’ll feel different.  By feeling different you’ll tell yourself a different story.  By telling yourself a … Continue reading

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My bad

Nearly every legitimate customer complaint could be turned around right away with an immediate, forceful reply: This shouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry. It was our mistake. I’m going to fix it right now and make things better than they were … Continue reading

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Things we’ve done before

The things we’ve done before get less scrutiny. We did them last year (or last quarter, or last month) so when the time comes to do them again, we turn the crank and start. New things, on the other hand, … Continue reading

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