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The nod

Earlier this year, I had a chance to give one of the biggest, highest-pressure talks of my life. Going in, I was nervous, but overall I felt pretty good about it. The topic was interesting, the narrative arc of the … Continue reading

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“They Just Don’t Get It”

What do you do when the values, the culture, or the (new and improved!) strategy of your organization aren’t translating into the behaviors you’d like to see? What steps do you take when the shifts in thinking and action that … Continue reading

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Attention and Intention

I first began practicing yoga regularly in 1999, and for much of my first few years of practice, I took more classes from Rolf Gates than from anyone else. Rolf doesn’t cut the familiar profile of a yoga teacher: he’s … Continue reading

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Listening with intent to change

I’ve written before about “listening,” which I think of as one of the most important and under-appreciated skills out there. The learning journey that we are on requires us to truly hear what those around us have to say and … Continue reading

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Resolutions and Priorities

I don’t make a lot of New Year’s resolutions. I feel like once a year is too infrequent to reset my goals, and I also believe that change comes because we build the muscle of making small shifts that snowball … Continue reading

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New isn’t all new

It’s so easy to be held back by “it’s not new enough.” As in: I can’t write this blog post (or this book), someone else has already said this. I can’t claim that this idea is important, because someone else … Continue reading

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Getting through the troughs

I was talking to a nonprofit Executive Director last week about fundraising. We spent most of our time unpacking the heart of every fundraising meeting: the energy you bring into the room. It’s not just important, it is everything. No … Continue reading

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