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Nipun Mehta on The Radical Power of Humility

I was deeply moved by Nipun Mehta’s talk from last week, The Radical Power of Humility. Nipun has been leading a life of radical generosity for a few years now, and as I’ve watched his writing unfold over these years … Continue reading

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Time’s passage – Tom Hussey

I found these Tom Hussey photographs arresting.   They are images of Alzheimer’s patients taken 50 years apart. Perhaps it is because time’s clock is ticking, because the days are long and the years fly by, because the oldest of my … Continue reading

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Scarcity and Abundance

It is so easy to experience what we feel we lack. There’s never enough time or enough money. We could do it if we just had a little more access, a little more support. I’ll start my new business soon, … Continue reading

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A student at a nonprofit school of management told me that they are learning a lot about how to operate under conditions of scarcity – because that’s what the nonprofit sector is like. The catch is that if you start … Continue reading

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You can’t trade favors

In the generosity economy, we are all taking steps to help one another.  We are open to possibilities, we work to create success for others, and we hope and expect that others will also open up to and support our … Continue reading

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Norms, tipping, generosity and scarcity

Buy a sandwich from the deli, or a hot dog from the guy on the street, and the rules of the game are clear.  You’re told a price, you pay cash, done. Reroll the tape, but this time you pay … Continue reading

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Was it ever mine?

The experience of giving isn’t an objective one:  our relation to the money we give and the attitudes we bring to bear directly impact our own experience and on our practice. So much collected teaching and wisdom about giving rests … Continue reading

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