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Microsoft iPod Pro 2005 XP Human Ear Professional Edition

I hadn’t seen this video until now.  It’s a 2006 spoof/thought experiment about what would happen if Microsoft designed the 2005 iPhone packaging (Step 1: rename it to “Microsoft iPod Pro 2005 XP Human Ear Professional Edition (with Subscription).  The … Continue reading

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Multi-purpose spoon

Your job isn’t to take the same thing that everyone else offers and pretend it’s something different. You job is to create something that actually is different and then let people in on the secret that you’ve made something remarkable. … Continue reading

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Two traps

Each day, each post, I walk a narrow path. I avoid thinking too much about all the people out there who are going to read each post I write – people I like and respect and whose time I know … Continue reading

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Gifts – The Icarus Deception

The other day I received a massive, 40 pound box full of goodies from Seth Godin. I was one of the 4,242 people who happily jumped in to support Seth’s Kickstarter project to fund his next book, The Icarus Deception. … Continue reading

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The Six Stages of Kevin Kelly

Last week I encouraged readers to buy the End Malaria book.  When 62 great thinkers line up behind a cause and offer to share their ideas with you for free, PLUS you get to make a donation to end malaria…to … Continue reading

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POTSHOTTER  noun \pot-ˈsho-tər\ 1 : someone who primarily or exclusively provides criticism 2:  a person who critiques, tears down, weakens   What could be easier than sitting back and describing how something could be better? “If I were in charge, … Continue reading

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Secret weapon

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to break through all the clutter, to stand out from the mountain of emails in your customers’ inbox, to have your voice be a clarion call above the deluge of Tweets … Continue reading

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