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And suddenly it’s up to you

I distinctly remember the first time I had this feeling in a professional setting.  I was three years out of college, three years into my stint in management consulting, working for a client who wanted us to do a bunch … Continue reading

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Fundraising tip

Silence is your friend. When you’ve shared the great work that you’re doing, when the person across the table from you is clearly excited and ready to jump in with both feet, and when you’ve asked them to make a … Continue reading

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Enough with the bad news

You can subscribe to this blog using an RSS Feed (like Google Reader), or by signing up by email. I hope you do one or the other. (NOTE: for those who find the phrase “RSS Feed” terrifying, it’s actually very … Continue reading

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I never thought I could do sales

Years ago, when I was working as a management consultant, I had a four-month gig (that turned into a yearlong project) in northeast Brazil working on the privatization of six cellphone companies.  It was a dream assignment for me – … Continue reading

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Confidence and Abilities

A woman I’ve gotten to know has had one of the most incredible professional trajectories I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.  In six years she’s gone from an off-the-street volunteer/intern into a key player in a global organization.  It’s … Continue reading

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The weathermen are always wrong

They’re not, actually.*  For most days when no one is paying attention they’re usually right. The thing is, we only pay attention when the stakes are high (“BIG STORM COMING!!” or when we’re planning for a vacation) and then when … Continue reading

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The big ask

A colleague asked me today, “what different strategies would you use to ask someone for $250,000 as opposed to $50,000?” The first thing to clarify is whether you’re asking the same person for these different amounts of money.  Put another … Continue reading

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