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A week

It hasn’t been a great winter for running for me.  Between the cold snowy weather, late sunrises and general busyness, I’ve just not gotten out there that often. That didn’t stop me from deciding, this past weekend, to take my … Continue reading

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Goldilocks giving

When it finally comes time to ask someone to make a philanthropic donation, how much should you as for – a little, too much, or just right? “Too little” is never right.  If anything, “too little” is a polite way … Continue reading

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What do you do in the face of a “no”?

A “no” can mean a lot of things. It can mean that you’re wrong or that you’re right. It can mean you’re way off course or completely on track. It can mean that you’re threatening or that you’re misguided. It … Continue reading

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I know it’s here somewhere

My wife likes to needle me for (according to her) not being good at looking for things.  Needless to say, I disagree. (Admittedly, I did recently speak to a senior marketer at Proctor and Gamble who told me that P&G … Continue reading

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The weathermen are always wrong

They’re not, actually.*  For most days when no one is paying attention they’re usually right. The thing is, we only pay attention when the stakes are high (“BIG STORM COMING!!” or when we’re planning for a vacation) and then when … Continue reading

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Three levels of belief

I had a great conversation last week with someone starting a new nonprofit who is aiming to raise $100,000 next year. We ended up talking a lot about how to get started on this seemingly audacious fundraising goal.  Interestingly, we … Continue reading

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Gumption and conviction

Some interview questions to get at the important stuff: “What grounds you?” “What are you best at?” “Tell me about at time you changed someone’s mind.” “At your core, what makes you tick?” “What does generosity mean to you?” Degrees … Continue reading

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