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What’s in a Question?

This post originally appeared on Medium.  I’ll keep reposting these on my blog from time to time. If you want to learn more about Lean Data, check out the full story in this Stanford Social Innovation Review Article.  And there’s … Continue reading

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My bad

Nearly every legitimate customer complaint could be turned around right away with an immediate, forceful reply: This shouldn’t have happened. I’m sorry. It was our mistake. I’m going to fix it right now and make things better than they were … Continue reading

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The Garlic Mashed Potatoes

For a period of about five years, whenever we’d go out to a restaurant either my wife or I would order the dish with the garlic mashed potatoes. They were so yummy and creamy and decadent, with heaps more butter … Continue reading

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When it works

The line at my local Chipotle looks like this each and every day at lunchtime, with 20+ people on line and more streaming through the door.  And each time I’m there, I’m in and out in 7 minutes or less. … Continue reading

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No, it’s not too much trouble to measure impact

As impact investing goes more mainstream, there is a growing chorus suggesting that impact measurement might be the providence of academics and idealists. (as in, “…we have spent too much time and too many resources discussing impact measurement and trying … Continue reading

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Try it, you’ll learn

Irrespective of how much you care, about how hard you try to imagine every little thing your customers might need or want, until you are a buyer of your own product you’ll never fully understand what pieces it has and … Continue reading

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Microsoft iPod Pro 2005 XP Human Ear Professional Edition

I hadn’t seen this video until now.  It’s a 2006 spoof/thought experiment about what would happen if Microsoft designed the 2005 iPhone packaging (Step 1: rename it to “Microsoft iPod Pro 2005 XP Human Ear Professional Edition (with Subscription).  The … Continue reading

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