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Help me help you

My favorite scene in the movie Jerry Maguire has Tom Cruise’s Jerry at the breaking point, berating Cuba Gooding Jr’s character to “help me help you!” Jerry is a former star sports agent on the brink of losing everything (including … Continue reading

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The other 690

Last week when speaking on the “Creating Private Capital Markets” Panel at the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, I noted that one of the big opportunities for Acumen Fund and other organizations in our sector is to capitalize on a huge … Continue reading

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The bar is rising

The more people I talk to who have recently lost their jobs, the more I see how challenging it will be to find new, meaningful work in the current economy.  The good news is that this won’t last forever, and … Continue reading

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The psychology of real

Today I was talking about the economy with someone who I respect a lot.  She said that we still don’t know how much of what’s going on in the economy is real and how much is psychology. I respectfully disagreed.  … Continue reading

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Buddy, can you spare a Banker?

A friend in finance pointed out to me today that there are probably “more than 100,000” newly-unemployed bankers (including investment banks, hedge funds, private equity) in New York City right now, trying to figure out what comes next. This is … Continue reading

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Another data point: Merrill Lynch

If you’re curious about exactly how out-of-whack incentive pay (bonuses) got in recent years on Wall Street, check out this recent NYTimes article called, “The Reckoning: On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real”, especially this tidbit that gives an … Continue reading

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Smile in the face of Madoff

It’s really struck me in a new way this week how serious this financial crisis is. Maybe it’s just the other shoe dropping on this new reality; or maybe it’s because, on top of everything , the former chairman of … Continue reading

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