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Living up to the gift

It’s December, which means that nonprofit end-of-year fundraising is in full swing.  It’s an exciting time of year as checks roll in at a much faster clip – the fruits of your labor, and payoff for a year’s worth of … Continue reading

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Good Karma?

It used to be that remembering someone’s birthday was a big deal.  If you called someone up, sent them a nice card or an email, it meant something.  That’s because remembering someone’s birthday used to rely either on your memory … Continue reading

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The long, hard, stupid way

Later this month I’m speaking at the DO Lectures, and as part of my preparation I wanted to see a few of the lectures to get a flavor for the event and the talks. From the DO site I randomly … Continue reading

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Each and every dollar

If you work at a nonprofit, as I do, you might pause and consider: each and every dollar for your organization comes from a gift. Obvious at some level, but if you stop to think about this for a second … Continue reading

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Generosity excerpt

From a reader who was kind enough to share this story. When living in NYC I, like many others, was constantly bombarded by people asking for money, spare change, food if I happened to be carrying some.  And like many … Continue reading

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Generosity arbitrage

Here’s a nifty transaction for the economically-minded among you (and for everyone else too): I bought lunch at the local Thai restaurant for $8.55 I got $0.45 change that I dropped in the tip jar, for which I got a … Continue reading

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