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One month later…the NY Times on Kiva

In case you missed it, the New York Times has picked up the Kiva story.  What I’m struck by is: The story was broken by David Roodman in his original blog post. How quickly the conversation spread online, including response … Continue reading

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Connection, not Deception

Continuing on the Kiva thread, I wanted to pick up on my previous post where I argue that what Kiva is doing is nothing new, and put a sharper point on my argument. (But first I have to applaud Kiva … Continue reading

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Kiva Community Conference Call

The Kiva conversation continues vigorously online, including nice summaries by Sean (Donors Choose v. Kiva and Philanthropy Daily Digest) and Nathanial which are definitely worth reading.  For those interested in a live conversation, dial in to Kiva’s next community conference … Continue reading

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Kiva Customers Don’t Receive the Loans you Give

If I wanted to get your attention, that’s the headline I’d write.  Strictly speaking, it’s true.  And when you only have a minute to grab someone’s attention, isn’t it your job to grab their attention? That in essence is what’s … Continue reading

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Kiva and Acumen overhead ratios redux

Sean Stannard-Stockton picked up my post Why overhead ratios are meaningless for Kiva and Acumen Fund in his Tactical Philanthropy Blog, and in reading his summary of my post I realized that I wasn’t as clear as I could have … Continue reading

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Why overhead ratios are meaningless for Kiva and Acumen Fund

Matt Flannery, the CEO of Kiva, wrote an excellent post on nonprofit overhead over on the Social Edge blog.  Kiva has been a game-changer in the poverty alleviation space: they use Kiva.org to connect donors to microfinance loan recipients in … Continue reading

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If you could get your donation back, would you?

I always read the Kiva blog with interest.  In it, Matt Flannery, the founder and CEO, gives a candid, blow-by-blow account of Kiva’s growth.  Kiva is an innovative organization that allows donors to lend money directly to clients of microfinance … Continue reading

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