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The wrong public speaking mistakes

Public speaking is neck-and-neck with fundraising on the list of things people consistently fear. To avoid that fear we often choose to read to people rather than speak to them.  That is, we write down and recite prepared remarks.  If … Continue reading

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Two traps

Each day, each post, I walk a narrow path. I avoid thinking too much about all the people out there who are going to read each post I write – people I like and respect and whose time I know … Continue reading

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No irrational action

I used to dismiss what looked like irrational action.  I’d watch people’s behaviors and, when things didn’t make sense to me, I’d let it go. “Sometimes people do things that just don’t make sense” was a safe refrain.  Maybe they … Continue reading

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Your idea

At the start it’s just smoke, a wisp. It has no substance or form. You can take it around to people for help shaping it, so you can better understand what it could be. But the thing is, at the … Continue reading

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What I didn’t need to worry about

Last Saturday morning I had the chance to give the opening keynote address at Unite for Sight’s Global Health and Innovation Conference at Yale University.  The energy in this conference is just amazing, and my hat goes off to Jennifer … Continue reading

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Terrified of success

It’s worth reflecting why we systematically under-prepare for things: big speeches, job interviews, presentations to the Board of Directors, asking for a raise. We’ve heard all the talk about not losing spontaneity, about being in the moment.  Phooey.  All the … Continue reading

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The illusion

Three years since I first started blogging, I’m beginning to get a glimpse of the phantoms that real writers battle: The illusion that, regardless of what happened yesterday, today you’ll have nothing to say. The twinge of loss when you … Continue reading

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