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This Leads to This

We get rapid-fire requests every day, and often end up beating them back with a stick. As in: can you….write a quick response here? ….help this new potential Board Member better understand the program that you run? …meet with this … Continue reading

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Hiring a World-Class Marketer and Storyteller

What could be better than hiring the right person for a transformative job, one that allows them to use their skills, their passion, their energy and their knowledge to change the world? I’m looking for someone to run all of … Continue reading

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Multi-purpose spoon

Your job isn’t to take the same thing that everyone else offers and pretend it’s something different. You job is to create something that actually is different and then let people in on the secret that you’ve made something remarkable. … Continue reading

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Why Generosity Day spreads

The good folks at Say100 Media asked me to answer some questions about Generosity Day.  Here’s the text or the original interview is here. We asked Sasha to tell us about Generosity Day 2012, why generosity is contagious, and how … Continue reading

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Marketing vocab lesson

I noticed this new ad for the Amazon Kindle today…. ….and then was reading my friend Tom Fishburne’s weekly Brand Camp marketoon: “What Ads Say” (due homage paid to Gary Larson) It seems so obvious that the best way to … Continue reading

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Carrots and marketing to the poor

Baby carrots aren’t actually “baby carrots.”  They’re cut carrots that were originally “seconds,” carrots that were too small or deformed to meet supermarket standards.  One day Mike Yorosek , a carrot grower, had the clever idea of peeling and cutting … Continue reading

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The indifferents

There’s a group of people out there who love you.  Your passionate fans who talk about you to anyone who will ask, who spread the word and your message and carry your brand with you.  Cherish and nurture them. There … Continue reading

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