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Most of your meetings will be better if you…

Have a purpose. State a purpose. Execute on that purpose.   This means you know what success looks like for you, and you actually say it out loud to the person you’re meeting with. For example: “I want to make … Continue reading

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You, Me, We

Some of the best advice I’ve heard on how to give feedback involves the simple switch from “you” phrases to “I” phrases, meaning switching from, “You weren’t as clear as you could have been today in making that point” to … Continue reading

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Some talk is cheap

The meeting you cancel because the topic has been covered, because the work is done, is a gift to everyone. The meeting you never have because the conversation is too real or seems too hard – that is the real … Continue reading

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Anything else?

So often in meetings we claim that we want to hear from folks but actually communicate that we’d like them to stay quiet. Open-ended questions, silences that last more than five seconds, smiling – people respond to those. “Anything else?”  … Continue reading

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Meeting math

Not so long ago I strong-armed a bunch of my co-workers into reading one of the Domino books,  Read This Before our Next Meeting (free for Amazon Prime members).  The book is a diatribe against the meeting culture and all … Continue reading

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Twice in the last week I’ve been on important conference calls where severe “telephonitis” set in.  “Telephonitis” is the process whereby otherwise conversant, engaged, active people become silent in the face of a group conference call. Maybe someday videoconferencing will … Continue reading

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How busy should you be (the 125% rule)?

Whatever amount of time you set aside for work, you don’t want to be 100% busy.  You don’t want just enough work so you can get it done in the time you’ve set aside.  You want more. How much more?  … Continue reading

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