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INSTEAD or AND philanthropy

This is the age-old cannibalization question, the sleeping giant we are terrified to wake. It’s the specific story, the individual program that connects with a donor in a deeper way BUT might pull them away from precious, scarce, unrestricted support. … Continue reading

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It’s all personal

You can read every webpage about every foundation’s strategy. You can scour CSR reports to see about a company’s social priorities. You can analyze an individual’s past giving and the boards they serve on to understand their philanthropic priorities. That … Continue reading

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A Means, not an End

There’s construction going on in the hotel by my office, and union members are outside protesting the use of non-union labor. There’s was giant inflatable rat on 9th avenue and now two guys have been passing out fliers with a … Continue reading

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Strong ideas, loosely held

One of the best pieces of advice I got about five years ago was that I should have “strong ideas, loosely held.” The feedback I was getting was on the “loosely held” part. At the time people experienced me as … Continue reading

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Extremist for Love

Monday was Martin Luther King Day in the United States, an opportunity to celebrate the life and leadership of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  One of the many great pieces he wrote was the Letter from a Birmingham Jail.  … Continue reading

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The glimpse

The thing that gets people over the line isn’t how persuasive your argument is.  It’s certainly not because they see a big need in the world. The thing that gets them over the line is passion.  Ultimately their passion, but … Continue reading

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It’s not personal, it’s business

Really? Feels to me like that’s a big part of the problem.

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