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It’s all personal

You can read every webpage about every foundation’s strategy. You can scour CSR reports to see about a company’s social priorities. You can analyze an individual’s past giving and the boards they serve on to understand their philanthropic priorities. That … Continue reading

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Why I (like everyone) gave to ALS while on vacation

A friend and colleague asked me. It was personal and I didn’t want to let him down. It was (a little bit of) a challenge to how macho and bold I could be. It was public. Turning something like this … Continue reading

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Deep and abiding respect for…

…the philanthropists who, along with you, make it all possible. The philanthropists who dare to dream of a different, better world. The philanthropist who decides, when she doesn’t have to, to do something, not just to talk about it. The … Continue reading

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Generosity Day – is it about the money?

Our stories hold truths for us. One of my truths is that my journey into generosity began with an encounter with a person on the NYC subway asking for money (FOR homeless people, he was not himself homeless as far … Continue reading

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The impact-to-scale ratio

Every so often, I cannot help but comment from afar on corporate social responsibility (CSR).  I worked in this area for IBM and GE before coming to Acumen, and I greatly appreciate what it takes to get big companies to … Continue reading

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Each and every dollar

If you work at a nonprofit, as I do, you might pause and consider: each and every dollar for your organization comes from a gift. Obvious at some level, but if you stop to think about this for a second … Continue reading

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Too big

Of all the reasons cited to give or not to give a philanthropic donation, “you’re too big” is the one that I have the hardest time digesting. First, a clarification.  In my experience, most people who say that they want … Continue reading

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