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Anatomy of a thank you note

We are all emailing and messaging each other a zillion times a day, yet people seem to be writing fewer thank you notes than ever.  In a professional setting, there’s no good reason not to write a short, substantive email* … Continue reading

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So, you looking?

Not long ago I bumped into a headhunter at a cocktail party, a woman I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade.  Her second sentence (second!), after, “How are you?” was, “So, are you looking for a job?” Wow. The easy … Continue reading

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24 hours

I keep wondering what people are getting at when they put a huge effort into shaking hands, making conversation and swapping business cards and then disappear off the face of the earth. Almost as bad is following up days or … Continue reading

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Not transactional

Of course no one says that they have a transactional approach to fundraising. How could you admit to such a thing? But to get beyond transactions means that donors are not numbers to you. It means that after people give … Continue reading

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Systems and caring

Do you have a system in place that helps you let your customers (donors) let you know that you care? What I see more often is that people either: Care about customers (donors) but don’t have a system Have a … Continue reading

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Fundraising problem

Here’s the conundrum: transactions happen today, relationships build over months, even years.   Real relationship-building doesn’t conform to rules of thumb or your annual targets.  Also, if you’re building from scratch, it could take years to get from here to there. … Continue reading

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Speaking of email

What do you do when you’re running around and don’t have time to reply to an important message? How about: “Thanks for this, just wanted to let you know I received it…I’ll reply in full in the next 48 hours.” … Continue reading

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