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Two traps

Each day, each post, I walk a narrow path. I avoid thinking too much about all the people out there who are going to read each post I write – people I like and respect and whose time I know … Continue reading

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One day to go – nothing to lose

Generosity Day is tomorrow, and it’s hard not to stare at the #generosityday twitter search results and feel a little bit excited. At the same time I’m realizing what a tricky thing expectation is.  Last year, when I was hesitating … Continue reading

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Six types of blogging days

“This is such a great idea!  People will love this!  I’m a wonderful blogger!  It’s so easy!” “What the #*$%# is wrong with my  #%*$%$ computer!!”  “I’m not used to writing here/at this time of day.” “Gosh I thought this … Continue reading

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A better list

Lists are great – a systematized, orderly way to keep yourself on task and keep track of tasks. Except of course that lists are usually an excuse – an excuse to do everything but the real work we have to … Continue reading

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Good posts, bad posts, and the dragon

I have a confession to make: yesterday’s post wasn’t really finished.  I simply ran out of time, and even though I wanted to give it another read, to tweak it some, to tighten it and make it a little punchier, … Continue reading

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