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Choke points

Lately I’ve found Google Maps to do a pretty good job of predicting how long drives are going to take, with traffic.  That’s a huge plus in terms of planning, predictability and figuring out the best routes, and I’ve wondered … Continue reading

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A week

It hasn’t been a great winter for running for me.  Between the cold snowy weather, late sunrises and general busyness, I’ve just not gotten out there that often. That didn’t stop me from deciding, this past weekend, to take my … Continue reading

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Gifts – The Icarus Deception

The other day I received a massive, 40 pound box full of goodies from Seth Godin. I was one of the 4,242 people who happily jumped in to support Seth’s Kickstarter project to fund his next book, The Icarus Deception. … Continue reading

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Six types of blogging days

“This is such a great idea!  People will love this!  I’m a wonderful blogger!  It’s so easy!” “What the #*$%# is wrong with my  #%*$%$ computer!!”  “I’m not used to writing here/at this time of day.” “Gosh I thought this … Continue reading

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POTSHOTTER  noun \pot-ˈsho-tər\ 1 : someone who primarily or exclusively provides criticism 2:  a person who critiques, tears down, weakens   What could be easier than sitting back and describing how something could be better? “If I were in charge, … Continue reading

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Good posts, bad posts, and the dragon

I have a confession to make: yesterday’s post wasn’t really finished.  I simply ran out of time, and even though I wanted to give it another read, to tweak it some, to tighten it and make it a little punchier, … Continue reading

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Tax day

In the U.S., the taxman cometh tomorrow.  Most of us scramble to make the deadline, but we make it.  We get the forms signed, the extra work done, we dot our i’s and cross our t’s before time is up. … Continue reading

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