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“It’s almost there. Today’s Thursday,” I hear a fellow passenger say to her friend as we all walk off the train. Yet another person counting the seconds until the weekend. (At that moment, she had 115,200 seconds to go.) On … Continue reading

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15 ways you can reach me

Today a friend apologized to me for not seeing a Skype text I’d sent him last week (no problem). This got me thinking about the incoming communication tools that I have, all the ways people can reach me. Work email … Continue reading

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Your questions grow up with you

Do I want to be a superhero or drive a firetruck? Do I want to be a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer or a veterinarian? Do I want to be a salesperson, an entrepreneur, an investment banker or a professor? … Continue reading

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The sprint at the end

The sprint at the end of a project does get you there.  It focuses your and your team’s energy, keeps the pressure on, and is an occasion for heroic efforts.  It can work. Except. Except it only really works when … Continue reading

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Choke points

Lately I’ve found Google Maps to do a pretty good job of predicting how long drives are going to take, with traffic.  That’s a huge plus in terms of planning, predictability and figuring out the best routes, and I’ve wondered … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Outlook

Last week, as I rushed, apologetically, to start a meeting five minutes late, the person with whom I was meeting nodded knowingly and said, “hey, it’s OK.  That’s the tyranny of Outlook.” Thank goodness for a bit of perspective. As … Continue reading

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If you can’t take the heat

A little while back I decided to make breaded, baked zucchini “chips” at home.  My mother has made them a bunch of times, and when she makes them they rarely make it to the dinner table because everyone (including the … Continue reading

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